Benchmark School System is exclusively offering Professional Preparatory Classes for the International SAT test created by the College Board to measure the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics & Language Skills of a high school student. The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test widely used for National & International University Admissions.

A good SAT score range for Markians will help students get admission to their choice of colleges and universities and will be considered smart learners. However, SAT is not the only parameter to judge academic excellence; there are obviously many other things that are considered before admission.

Over three million global students and Pakistani students register for SAT test every year. 

A good SAT score can make you earn plenty of scholarships. Of course, the higher your score, the more there will be chances of grabbing scholarships will be. Other factors that are also necessary with the SAT scores are your GPA, extra-curricular certificates, and demographics.


  1. Benefits of SAT exam in Pakistan A lot of prestigious universities in Pakistan accept the SAT Score. Some of the universities include– LUMS (Lahore university of management and sciences), IBA (institute of business administration), FAST (The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), ITU (Information Technology University), NUST (The National University of Sciences & Technology) and AKA (Agha Khan University).
  2. Universal acceptance of SAT exam in Pakistan Universities – Most colleges and universities accept SAT exam for their entry test score. Almost all nations have acceptance for the SAT examination score. It broadens the horizons for the Pakistani student and hence sets a baseline for the student to enter the realm of higher education.
  3. SAT Scholarship – Great amount of scholarships are provided by top universities for students who have impressive SAT exam scores. The cash scholarships are worth about 10,000 to 15,000 $. Outstanding SAT scores can definitely bear fruit for Pakistani students.
    The Scholastic aptitude test opens up the prospectus of the Pakistani student for other and many more scholarships.
  4. Resilience with other tests –SAT exam prepares a Pakistani student to appear in other competitive tests as- GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), LSAT (Law School Admission Test), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and other examinations.
  5. Cover up for the Low GPA is SAT score –If a Pakistani student has been unable to attain maximum grades, they might be denied admission to an undergraduate degree. However, SAT scores can cover up for it by providing value and proof of the scholastic aptitude of the student.
  6. SAT adds value to resume – The SAT score definitely is proof good enough to display reasoning abilities and can present a person as smart enough. It helps the student get better employment opportunities after completing their graduation.
  7. SAT Help Pakistani Students in building their career – It paves way for them to test and excel in different fields so as to bring out clarity about the path the Pakistani student must take up.
  8. Non-Science– The ACT exam has a compulsion for taking up science but the Pakistani students who are not interested in Science can skip that in SAT exam.

SAT Scores for Colleges and Universities in Pakistan and abroad

Many international universities across the globe consider SAT scores like the University of Toronto, McGill, University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta (in certain cases), However, to ensure admission your SAT scores should be consistent with your academic marks.

 This can vary though, depending upon which program you are applying to, every program has different requirements on top of university requirements, and the curriculum of the high school you apply from. If the curriculum is not in line with what the universities want, they are going to look at the SAT.

In many international universities, SAT is not a general requirement for undergraduates. However, if you want to attain a Master’s degree, these scores do matter. Many universities in Pakistan require SAT test for admissions.

The top universities considering your SAT scores are Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hong Kong Institutions

In Hong Kong, admission to first-year study of bachelor’s degree programs has different requirements according to the institution. International applicants are generally required to obtain a High School certificate as well as good SAT scores in standardized tests, such as the SAT or AP exams. The University of Hong Kong sometimes demands additional SAT/ SAT subject test requirements for international students. Interested students should contact the institution online or via phone for information regarding application procedures and policies

Turkish Universities:

Pakistani students prefer Turkish universities to pursue their academic careers because of affordability and excellent tourism. Every Turkish University has its own admission criteria. Therefore, degree-seeking international students or undergraduate students should directly contact the Student Affairs Office of the respective university. Many Turkish universities consider SAT scores for admission like, Akdeniz University requires a total score of at least 1100 and a minimum score of 600 on Mathematics in SAT Test, while Ankara University considers sstudents who obtained a minimum of 1100 points on SAT I and a minimum of 650 points for the math exam.

Australian Universities:

Australia does not require SAT. Students, who are applying to Australian universities, do convert their SAT scores to ATAR.

Singapore Universities:

In Singapore, in reputed colleges like NTU and NUS, you need a good SAT Score 2020 along with other essentials like a Letter of Recommendation and a Statement of Purpose.

British Institutes:

In England, if you are not taking A-levels, SAT has become an important parameter for admission. If you are taking them, then also SAT scores may help increase your chances for admission. For example, the University of Warwick offers admission on good SAT scores. For admission to Oxford, both the old system and the new system are acknowledged. The reformed SAT requires a total score of 1,470 to consider the student for admission.

USA Institutes:

In the USA, most universities and colleges require international students to take SAT or SAT Subject Tests. Each university has stated its requirements on its website. Some renowned Universities are the California institute of science and technology, Boston University, Cornell University, etc.

Canadian Universities:

In Canada, every school has different requirements for standardized testing. Some schools require the SAT or ACT, while many of them consider SAT subject tests. For admission to University, the SAT or ACT score is required for some applicants. Though in some cases The SAT or ACT is optional, still recommended by the school to improve your application chances.


The SAT is composed of three main sections — Math, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. There is an optional 50-minute essay, and the total testing time with the essay is 3 hours and 50 minutes. The breakdown of each remaining section can be found in the table below.

*In January 2021, the College Board announced that they would be discontinuing the optional SAT essay section after the June 2021 administration. 


Yes,  all  I of you most definitely do (need the SAT- I) because:

  • LUMS requires SAT score as its admission test.
  • Medical & Engineering colleges accept students with good SAT scores.
  • NUST allocates a few seats only for SAT based registrations.
  • Other Universities PIEAS, IBA, IT, Habib University etc prefer SAT students
  • Admission test of IBA is exempted for candidates with SAT scores over a certain range.
  • Your SAT scores can be the single most decisive factor to outweigh your competition’s credentials and tip the chances of admission in your favor.
  • Through SAT, you can prepare for the ACT.
  • Admission tests of all other universities are based on the SAT pattern.
  • If you do not have an A or an A* in Level English but a good SAT- I score, can make up for language proficiency.

So what are you waiting for?

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