Benchmark School System is an affiliate centre of Cambridge International Qualifications and Edexcel Qualifications.

The IGCSE and O level programs offered at Benchmark follow a very concise, challenging, and intensive course of study, which begins in the seventh grade and ends in grade ten.

Further academic support is provided through extra classes with the school’s permanent faculty, recorded video lectures available on campus, along with extensive counselling sessions at the Career Counselling Department.

A broad-spectrum co-curricular program supplements academic life. Committed to excellence in instruction and to providing responsive, innovative, and educational programs of high quality, Benchmark seeks to develop each student’s critical thinking, quantitative, oral and written communications skills, and practical appreciation of the arts, sciences, and humanities as they affect good citizenship and an improved quality of life.

The campus environment provides students with a place where the ideas, values, perspectives, and contributions of all students are respected. Students are given the opportunity to participate in public speaking, sports, music, art and drama to further explore their physical, intellectual and creative potential.

Curriculum and Instructions

Students usually elect to take Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, and Urdu at the end of their first year in IGCSE/ O Level (9th grade). At the end of their final year (10th grade) students take the remainder of their elective and compulsory examinations.

Grading Policy

Benchmark’s challenging internal grading aims to ensure success in the CAIE Exams. Individual grades are assigned by instructors and classroom instruction allows for broad inquiry and intellectual growth within each course. Coursework is always focused on strengthening students’ knowledge base in preparation for their Cambridge International Examinations. Academic assessments are conducted on a regular basis (weekly and quarterly), with reports being issued to parents and students. Monthly Exams are taken, then Midterms in December and Mocks in end March.

Subject Selection

Students choose a combination of subjects in line with their interests. The Counsellors ensure there is a strong correlation between these subjects and University Admissions. Each student tailors a course of study unique to their academic interests with knowledge of equivalence requirements made available to parents at the time of subject selection. It is advised to take certain subject combinations based on the chosen field of study at A-Level, and at Higher Education institutions. However, students usually take a wide variety and range of courses to enrich their learning experience and there is the minimal restriction when taking electives.

 2Pakistan Studies
 12Computer Science
 13Add Math