Benchmark School System offers Pre O Level to equip students with tools that will prepare them for O Level/Matric and help them progress. The focus of the programme is on the development of English Language and Mathematical skills, both being essential for the achievement of academic excellence at O Level. There is no grouping with respect to subjects i.e. all students will study a standard set of subjects, including Science, Maths, Urdu, Islamiat and other compulsory subjects. The syllabus is designed by the subject specialists at BmSS.

Benchmark School System’s Pre-O Level program has taken great strides in supporting its student body most effectively in their academic learning and personality development. Each and every child is catered as an individual while the academic, social, and emotional development of each child is worked on very seriously.

The school has a very strong curriculum backed with the resource material for all of its subjects. The school takes pride in its teachers who work with devotion to bringing out the very best in their students, balancing a rich and effective curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular program.

Curriculum Content

The school offers German Language, Computer Studies, Sports and Arts, in addition to English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Islamiyat, History and Geography. Students are encouraged to readily get books issued from the library as per the requirement to widely promote good reading habits.
As students learn about each subject, they not only absorb new concepts but also learn how to effectively acquire information. Students learn to develop and polish skills that can serve them throughout their lives and ensure their development. Through an interactive and collaborative learning environment, they also develop the attitudes and dispositions essential in today’s world.

The school has a strong co-curricular program, enhancing and enriching the regular curriculum during regular school days. Activities are designed to meet the needs of and to stimulate the interests expressed by students, as well as facilitate a broad range of abilities. Equal opportunities are offered to all students to participate in such programs. These include l Class Plays, Cultural Day, Sports Day, Reading Week, Debates, Science Fair, Kangaroo Competition, intra-school and inter-school sports matches, etc.

Extracurricular activities broaden the educational experience and take place beyond the classroom. Such activities prove to be great for enhancing confidence and building interactive teambuilding skills.

Benchmark Pre-O Level Curriculum comprises of the following


English being the lingua franca is treated as a principal subject at BmSS. Students are given full exposure to the language by communicating at all times in English, giving special focus to English reading lessons, and imparting confidence to speak it through participating in English debates and theatre.

Our English curriculum emphasizes the Four Cs of 21st-century learning. In total four skills have been identified by the United States-based Partnership as 21st Century Skills: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.


The national language is given its true essential value at Benchmark. Vocabulary building through activities, morning assemblies, and Urdu reading sessions are a fundamental part of our policy. Our books provide students with the opportunity to learn their national language creatively.


There is a growing importance for multilingualism in an increasingly globalised world. Learning a second language broadens our perspective and outlook to other cultures. For a student having knowledge of the German language can lead to opportunities for studies abroad, career and cultural enhancement. Our German teacher adopts the audio-lingual method to help students understand and learn the language faster.


The Science curriculum aims to develop two types of understanding among pupils: conceptual understanding and procedural understanding. Conceptual understanding refers to the pupils’ knowledge of the biological and physical aspects of the world. Procedural understanding refers to the pupils’ understanding of scientific procedures. These two forms of understanding are not developed independently. In particular, a secure understanding of scientific procedures is necessary for the on-going development of conceptual understanding.

History & Geography

Develop attitudes that promote responsible citizenship and an appreciation of Pakistani culture, traditions, and heritage. A reorganization of the familiar content of self, family, community, and community interactions into three major concepts common to all aspects of the content of social studies curriculum. Processes and skills of problem-solving, decision-making, interpreting maps and globes, and locating, acquiring, organizing, in addition to evaluating information. At this stage, History and Geography are taught separately to acclimatize students to the upcoming O levels program.

Computer Studies

It is integrated into our curriculum that students are given a hands-on experience of all the topics they are taught. It embeds the basic skills that are used in practical life across different fields. Computer Studies provide children with the tools to understand technological advancement specific to the modern world.


Students are naturally curious, active learners with individual interests, abilities, and needs. They join the classroom setting with varying knowledge, life experiences, and backgrounds. A key component in successfully developing numeracy is connecting these backgrounds and individual expertise.

Students learn by attaching meaning to what they do, and often conceptualize their own meaning to the subject of mathematics. This meaning is best developed when learners encounter mathematical experiences that proceed from the Simple to the Complex and from the Concrete to the Abstract. Through the use of manipulative and a variety of pedagogical approaches, teachers address diverse learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and developmental stages of students, and enhance within them the formation of sound, along with transferable mathematical understandings. At all levels, students benefit from working with a variety of materials, tools, and contexts when constructing meaning about new mathematical ideas. Furthermore, Meaningful student discussions provide essential links between concrete, pictorial and symbolic representations of mathematical concepts.

Our learning environment values and respects the diversity of students’ experiences and ways of thinking, so they are comfortable taking intellectual risks, asking questions, and posing conjectures. Students explore problem-solving situations in order to develop personal strategies and become mathematically literate. They realize that it is acceptable to solve problems in a variety of ways and that a wide assortment of solutions may be acceptable.


Benchmark School System focuses on the importance of Islamiyat as it is key to social transformation. It is a base for building strong ethical and civic foundations for individuals alongside a healthy, progressive society. It aims at promoting emotional, social, and intellectual development through Islamic perspectives. Benchmark follows the state education policy for Islamiyat that revolves around the objectives of making students recognize and understand faith with firm beliefs in the basic concepts of Islam like Tauheed (monotheism), Prophet hood, and the hereafter, etc.