Benchmark School System aims to nurture an intellectual community through creative and collaborative opportunities, who become skilled well-rounded citizens, confident in the pursuit of their future goals and dreams.

We at Benchmark aspire to give our students challenging and enjoyable learning experiences by fostering an engaging, inspiring, and compassionate learning environment. So they discover the joy of being lifelong learners and become confident, respectful, and independent individuals.

We hope to establish a partnership with parents that ensure our children reach as far as their talent and endeavours take them and are at the heart of everything we do.

The school offers Value Education, German Language, Computer Studies, Sports and Arts, in addition to English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Islamiyat, and Social Studies. Students are encouraged to readily obtain books from the library as per the requirement to widely promote good reading habits.

As students learn about each subject, they not only absorb new concepts but also learn how to effectively acquire information. Students learn to develop and polish skills that can serve them throughout their lives and ensure their development. Through an interactive and collaborative learning environment, they also develop the attitudes and dispositions essential in today’s world.

The school has a strong co-curricular programme, enhancing and enriching the regular curriculum on regular school days. Activities are designed to meet the needs of and to stimulate the interests expressed by students, as well as accommodate a broad range of abilities. Equal opportunities are offered to all students to participate in such programmes. These include International and National Days celebrations, Cultural Day, Sports Day, Reading Day, Debates, Science Fair, Kangaroo Competition, and Inter-school sports matches, etc.
Extracurricular activities broaden the educational experience, and take place beyond the normal school day, enabling students to socialize. Students use this chance to connect with peers that may share similar interests. It also helps them to step out of their comfort zone and the classroom to socialize with their fellows. Such activities prove to be beneficial in enhancing confidence and building interactive team-building skills.

Benchmark Junior School Curriculum comprises of the following

• English
• Urdu
• Science
• Social Studies
• Waqfiat e Ama
• Mathematics
• Islamiyat
• Nazra