What is MUN?

MUN is a co-curricular activity that provides an ideal opportunity for students to develop on their public speaking skills. It endeavors to teach its participants on how to conduct themselves in a formal environment; how to behave in a formal setting and how to interact with other participants. It’s socially illuminating as they communicate with other participants, form alliances, share information and convey their representative country’s ideology on the topic given. Going up against opposing countries, backed up by allied nations, new friendships blossom that continue infinitely onwards.

MUN, a freestyle discussion, is basically modeled on the working of United Nations. It teaches the delegates (participating students) to convey their point of view in front of multiple representatives and harnesses their ability to convince others to agree with their country’s ideology. Which ideology is correct, depends on the words exchanged, persuasive powers and how the viewpoints are presented.

The debate topics allow students to look at situations from a different perspective. The delegate’s stance on the topic, its history and its relationships with other neighboring countries, all this and more is discussed. This also helps the students understand how political meetings and official businesses are conducted. The observers gain awareness on current world affairs and understand the point of views of different regions on the topics.

These are following Committees

  1. UNHRC
  2. UNW
  3. UNSC
  4. PNA
  5. Crisis ( Marvel )
  6. ICJ
  7. CTC
  8. DISEC

Download Pdf Study guide for MarkMun’22 Committees 



3/ Crisis Study Guide (Marvel)

4/ UNSC Study Guide

5/ International Court of Justice

6/ CTC Study Guide

7/ PNA Study Guide

8/ UNHRC Study Guide