The mission of the Benchmark School System is to maxmimize the educational success and the character development of all students, and to prepare them become contributing, productive citizens. The academic eligibility policy supports this mission. The primary goal of this policy is to identify academic problems as early as possible and encourage the students to take advantage of extra help opportunities.

Parents must encourage their child to speak English at home.

Parents/ Guardians are requested to fully acquaint themselves with the criteria and procedure for admissions. The parents, admitting the child/children, will deem to have agreed to abide by this criteria.

Admission/ Academic Eligibility Criteria

General Assessment Test

All candidates applying for admission must fill and submit a registration form, after which, they will be asked to appear for an assessment test (grade 6-9). This test will be a diagnostic test, which will evaluate their propriety for the grade they applied for. It will also help the school to assess the grounds on which the student lacks, so that individual attention can be given to that specific student, keeping his needs in mind.

Early Years

These assessment and evaluation will include English Language, Mathematics and Urdu along with skills required for this age group.

Grade 6-9: O Level/IGCSE

These assessment tests of grades 6 (Pre O-Level), 7(O1), 8(O2) and 9(O3) will include English language, Mathematics and Urdu.

Grde 10, 11 and 12: O Lvel/ IGCSE/ A Level

For grades 10(O4), 11(AS) and 12 (A2). they will be given transcripts. Scholarships will also be adjusted accordingly.